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AMEYXGS Traditional Recurve Bow Hunting 20lbs Longbow Detachable Archery Mongolian Horsebow for Beginner Archery Recurve Bow (Brown)


  • Nano resin material manufacturing,ligthweight and durable
  • Bow Length: 125cm / 49.2inch;Draw Weight: 20lb.Weight:715g
  • Equipped with a bow handle connector , bow handle that can be removed and installed at any time, easy to carry
  • Black leather grip to prevent friction on the palm and more comfortable shooting experience
  • Packing list: 1X traditional recurve bow

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AF Archery Longbow Traditional horsebow recurve Hunting Bow Archery (30lb)


  • Bow length : 53″. String length : 51″ .Draw weight : 30-70LBS at 28″ . Safe Draw Length : 34″ . Brace height : 6.7″.
  • The bow handle and tip are made of ash wood .Smooth sanding, comfortable grip .It is more durable .
  • The bow handle and bow limbs are wrapped in microfiber leather. The inner side of the bow limbs is interspersed with leather. More beautiful appearance .
  • The traditional bow is not divided up and down, and can be used up and down, left and right.
  • For safer delivery, we use spare bowstrings to fix both ends of the bow tip.When you receive it, you can directly cut the spare bowstring and use the new bowstring . If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Huntingdoor Wooden Arrows 31inch Archery Shaft 5″ Turkey Feathers Fletching with Arrowhead 150 Grain for Traditional Recurve Bow or Longbows (Black)


  • Length:31″.Shaft diameter: 5/16”.Package included:6 pcs wooden arrows.
  • Huntingdoor wooden arrows,standard hunting and target practice arrows,good performance and high speed for draw weight 40-60lbs recurve bow, England longbow, and traditional hunting bow.
  • High quality wooden shaft with 5″ medieval real turkey feathers fletched,these are handmade and glued by artisans, polished to a high quality wooden shaft, and real feathers ensure smooth flight.
  • Handmade black threading ,better protection of the bottom of the feather.Self nock, fashion and durable,all ready to shoot and perfect for bow hunting or target practice.
  • Metal hunting broadheads,150 grain glue on fixed arrow tips for hunting and shooting,perfect hunting gift for professional archery youth shooter beginner and traditional culture collection.

SAS Pioneer 68″ Longbow Traditional Wood Long Bow Archery Target Hunting (Right Hand 50 pounds)


  • Riser is made of Makore Wood and Cassia Siamea
  • Strong fiberglass limb Made of Maple laminations
  • Great Shape and Stablity
  • Length: 68 in
  • Right hand only; Protect your bow with SAS Longbow Padded Bag: B01JT0QJ1U

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KAINOKAI Traditional Hand-Made Straw Archery Target,Arrow Target for Recurve Bow Longbow or Compound Bow(Traditional Target Dia Φ:19.7in / 5 Layers)


  • KAINOKAI traditional hand-made archery target, using forage as raw material, traditional hand-woven, very beautiful, more environmentally friendly, less damage to the arrow, deeply loved by traditional bow and arrow lovers! In addition to being used for archery, it can also be used as a decoration!
  • The target surface is covered with a silk-made target image. It can be used directly or attached to the target paper. The target body has a lanyard for hanging the target on the rope or treetop, or it can be placed on the shelf! The 3-layer target is 6.2 lbs, and the 5-layer target is less than 10 lbs easy to carry! In addition, we give an Arrow Puller to each target!
  • Dimensions: [3 layers .19.7″ x 19.7″ x 2.3″][5 layers 19.7″ x 19.7″ x 3.9″] [7 layers 21.6″ x 21.6″ x 5.5″], note: the product is handmade by the farmer and cannot be factory Then the standard, so the size will have a certain error, if you are particularly mindful, please buy carefully!
  • Choice of recommendations: based on a shooting distance of 18 meters, a 3-layer target can be selected below 30 pounds, a 5-layer target can be selected for 30-40 pounds, a 7-layer target is recommended for 40 pounds or more, or two 3-layer targets can be purchased. !
  • Note: The core material of the product is forage, so there may be debris appearing during use. This is normal. Please do not use the bladed hunting arrow to shoot, which will reduce the service life. Please ensure that there is no target behind the target. Pedestrians, avoid accidental injuries! In addition, because the packaging is easy to damage when the product is heavy, but it will not affect the use, please do not give a bad review, thank you very much!

Japanese Traditional Pre-Tied OBI Belt Sakura Jacquard Weave Bow Tsukuri OBI Kimono Sash Yukata Robe Accessories (Red)


  • Features: A vintage jacquard obi belt with a large pre-tied obi bow. Bow has a hard plastic clip for attaching to the kimono.
  • Material: 100% Polyester. Fully patterned jacquard weave, pretty and gorgeous.
  • Size information: Obi Bow Length 15″, Obi Bow Width 9.8″, Belt Length 59″, Belt Width 6.3″
  • Garment Care: Keep in airy place or in your closet with dehumidifiers.
  • Use Occasion: Obi belts are must-have items because they keep your yukata kimono or traditional kimono in place. In addition, an obi belt can be a beautiful accessory around your waist.

Obert Archery Bow String Silencers Set Leather Arrow Rest Plate Adhesive Bow Silencer Strip for Recurve Bow Traditional Longbow


  • [Bow String Silencer] Made from premium rabbit hair, soft and not prone to lose hair, works well to all types of bows. String silencer is good partner for bow string, great vibration dampener when you are shooting.
  • [Bow Silencer Strip] Made from advanced cow fur, great archery silencer for recurve bow traditional bow longbow. Designed to reduce vibration and noise, protect your bow limb and bow string.
  • [Arrow Rest Plate] Constructed with soft material, provide buffering and slip prevention functions. Fit for recurve bow and traditional bow and American hunting bow.
  • [Obert Bow Maintenance Accessories Advantages] Lightweight, long lasting, holds up well under all kinds of weather.
  • [Package Include] 1 pair of rabbit hair string silencers + 1 pair of cow fur bow silencer strips + 1 pair of leather arrow rest plates

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KAINOKAI 60” Traditional Hunting Longbow,Hunting Recurve Archery Bow,Recurve Bow Set (20lbs-50lbs) (Hawkeye, 40lbs)


  • Draw weight: 20-50LBS
  • The advantages of the integrated longbow: simple shape, beautiful appearance, strong power, fast shooting speed, small vibration and light weight. The bow adopts no arrow design, and can be used for both left and right hands.
  • Material and Process:The Hawkeye uses the high density technology wood. The Elf uses a combination of high density technology wood and bamboo. Both bows are made by lamination technology to ensure the toughness and strength of the product.
  • Note: Due to the long product length and long-distance transportation, the packaging is easily damaged. This is a normal phenomenon, I hope friends can understand!
  • Package Contents: Recurve bow*1 Bow string *1 stringer *1

Our goal is to provide you with valuable information about all the top brands out ther! The popularity of branded bows traditional products is growing worldwide: they are often trusted, durable and well-designed.

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OBTOUTDOOR Archery Takedown Longbow 60inch 20lbs-60lbs Right Hand Traditional Wood Hunting Bows for Target Shooting Practice (55)


  • DESIGNED FOR RIGHT HAND SHOOTING – This longbow is available for right handed, the bow riser will be held in your left hand, the string will be pulled in your right hand and determine the arrow with your right eye for a perfect aim.
  • DURABLE & STURDY LONGBOW – Overall length 60 inch, Limbs are laminated with bamboo core, introduction of German laminate technology, offer the best toughness and power for the bow, suit for adults, beginner and professional archer. The choice of most club members.
  • BEAUTIFUL APPEARANCE – Ergonomically designed with impressive rounded edges and a fine finished wooden handle, extremely comfortable grip, suitable as a gift for friends.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND DISASSEMBLE – The split-type hunting bow is characterized by its clean appearance, free movement of its limbs, high stability, accurate shooting, and soft tensile force.
  • GUARANTEE & SERVICE – We offer a 12-month warranty, no matter what problems, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are dedicated to your satisfaction.

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Southland Archery Supply SAS Maverick One Piece Traditional Wood Hunting Bow (45 pounds, Right Hand)


  • Riser is made of Makore Wood, Zebra and Chulgam
  • Limbs are made of Makore Wood and High Strength Fiberglass
  • Slender Shape and Comfortable Feel
  • Length: 60″
  • Great appearance and performance

KAINOKAI Traditional Handmade Longbow Horsebow Hunting Recurve Archery Bow Recurve Bow Set (Red Dragon, 40.0 Pounds)


  • Draw weight: 20-70LBS
  • Product Material: The bow arm is made of transparent epoxy and wrapped in leather. It is more delicate and durable. The bow handle is made of locust wood, polished and painted to reduce the wear and tear of the bow string and the waterproof effect outdoor
  • The advantages of the traditional recurve bow: the left hand and the right hand can be used, the power is strong, the shooting speed is fast
  • Note: Due to the long product length and long-distance transportation, the packaging is easily damaged. This is a normal phenomenon, I hope friends can understand!
  • Package Contents:Hand guard *1 Finger guard *1 Arrow target paper *3 Wood hunting arrow *3 Bow string wax *1 Bow String *1

Deerseeker Archery 54″ Traditional Recurve Bow Hunting Longbow with Laminated Limbs Handmade Right-Hand & Left-Hand for Targeting Backyard Practice Youth & Adults Bow Set 20-70lbs ?RH 35lbs?


  • [MAX Draw Weight 70 Pounds] –Deerseeker 54″ one-piece recurve longbow built for speed, an excellent choice of target shooting, bow hunting, and youth archery beginners. many different draw weights for your selection, especially high draw weights 65# & 70# here. Bow length is suited for teenagers and adults. Right Hand and Left-handed bow are available. Carry easily & with great accuracy.
  • [Features] — Draw weights are from 20lbs to 70lbs @ 28″ draw length, 70lbs draw weight is amazing for deer hunting or traditional hunting. Brace Heights is 7.1–7.8″. Bow length is 54″, mass weight 0.95lb, the max draw length is 30″. Available in right hand and left hand. Bowstring is twisted Dyneema material.
  • [Snappy Design & Laminated Tech] — It’s a durable laminated reflex and deflex traditional bow, well-constructed. Limbs are laminated with bamboo core and strong fiberglass, TAPERED shape makes the bow quicker and no-hand shock. The snappy wood bow riser design and the comfortable grip does work well for archers.
  • [Customer- Friendly] — Deerseeker provides the bow kit for our customers, including many useful archery accessories –Bowstring, Stringer Tool, Finger tab, Armguard, and Leather Arrow Rest.
  • [100% Satisfaction Guarantee]–We hope you’ll like our products, if you have any quality issues with our products, Deeseeker provides a free guarantee and satisfaction customer service for you.

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TOPARCHERY Traditional Recurve Bow 53” Archery Hunting Handmade Horse Bow Longbow 50 lbs


  • The bow is very beautifully designed, it is suitable for people with strength under 200 pounds, such as Couples, beginners, men or women archery enthusiasts (One-handed pull within 200 lbs). It’s not for anyone with more than 200 lbs of power, too much power will break most bows, including this beautiful one. It’s a great gift for beginners, adults men or adult women, in the bow and arrow series, it has excellent feel, attractive appearance and durability.
  • We have improved the product material, from laminated fiber bows to locust wood and high-strength transparent epoxy bows to make it stronger and increase its durability, so that it can withstand greater force to ensure safety .
  • Bow body length: 53 inches/135 cm; stretch length: 28 inches, according to customer feedback, we have strengthened the quality of the bow pieces of the bow to make it stronger, but have not increased the price, it is what we should do to adjust the product according to customer opinions , nonetheless, we still hope that you can use it reasonably, instead of violently pulling it.
  • If you are buying it for young people or ladies archery enthusiasts, we recommend you to buy it directly, once you buy it according to our suggestion, if there is any quality problem, please contact us directly, we will deal with it properly for you until until you are satisfied.
  • Sincerely wish every customer to become a master of archery as soon as possible, all hits!

There’s no denying that online shopping is a convenient way to buy bows traditional products, but it’s important to be careful when selecting a retailer.

Some online stores are less reliable than others, and may not ship bows traditional products as promised or may even send fake goods.

So before you make your next purchase, be sure to do your research and choose a reputable retailer.

Buying from a reliable store will help ensure that you get the bows traditional product you ordered and that you’re not taken advantage of. Thanks for reading!

Deerseeker Archery 52″ Longbow Traditional Handmade Recurve Bows Ambidextrous Horsebows for Adults & Youth Hunting Target Shooting 40lb


  • 【Handcrafted Laminated Ambidextrous Bow】– Special bow shape design and laminated tech make it fairly quick and smooth draw, the riser is handmade to perfection and gives archery comfortable grip, the AMBIDEXTROUS design is available for the right-hand and left-hand versions, Tapered tech is used on the limbs, this tech makes the bow perform well and eliminating the hand shock.
  • 【Maneuverable And Performance】– Well constructed by laminated tech and slim horsebow shape make it very light, carry easily and shoot smoothly, this’s pretty good for horseback shooting, target practice, and deer hunting.
  • 【Features】– Bow riser is made of hard and high-density Dymond wood, Beautiful & Powerful, and the riser is wrapped with real cow leather for anti-skidding. Limbs are laminated with bamboo core and stronger fiberglass. Draw weight is from 20lbs to 70lbs @ 28″. Brace height is from 6.3″ to 7.8″. Bow length is 57″, twisted Dyneema bowstring make the arrows fly quicker.
  • 【Customer Friendly】– This’s a traditional bow set, many useful archery accessories are included, like Stringer Tool, Arm Guard, Brass Nocks, Cloth bow bag, Bowstring, pamphlet, they could well protect you during bow shootings or bow huntings, especially necessary for archery beginners and youth archers.
  • 【100% Satisfactory Guarantee GUARANTEE】– We’d be delighted to provide satisfied services and good quality products for our valued customers, meanwhile we have a 100% satisfaction 6-year guarantee. Reach us freely if you have any questions, please.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, test out different bows traditional products until you find one that meets your needs. Don’t be afraid to switch up bows traditional products if something isn’t working for you.

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