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Egg Cartons- Adorable Printed Design for Farm Fresh Eggs, Recycled Paper Cardboard, Sturdy & Reusable, Holds up to XL Chicken Eggs (Blank Stamping, 25)


  • Printed Egg Cartons with Blank a Center Area for Your Custom Stamp
  • Blank Stamping Area In Center Measures 2.25” x 2.25”
  • Made from Sturdy 100% Recycled Paper- Reusable and Biodegradable- Great for Crafts
  • Includes FDA Required Safe Handling Instructions and Designations
  • Custom Egg Carton Stamp NOT INCLUDED – Can be purchased from a designer like Wild Feather Farm

22 VICOTATAMI 20 Packs of Transparent Plastic Egg Cartons with Free Labels, Environmentally Friendly Plastic Blank Egg Cartons, Egg Cartons Storage Container (24)


  • Medium Size: The carton will hold medium-sized eggs securely and securely. Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.7 x 2.36 inches (193 x 145 x 60 mm)
  • About The Material: We use food-grade PET material that is thicker, more stable and firmer than other egg cartons on the market, resistant to low temperatures, can be refrigerated, safe and non-toxic, healthy and environmentally friendly, and easy to recycle.
  • Applicable to Various Scenes: supermarket shopping mall/fruit shop/orchard picking/home preservation/farm. It is an ideal egg storage place for shops, farmers or producers.
  • Labeled: We will send each box with an extra date label to us, then you can clearly record the date of the egg and reject stale eggs.
  • The Package Includes: 20 packs of clear plastic empty egg cartons (each can hold 12 normal-sized eggs), and 20 free date labels.

Blank Natural Pulp Egg Cartons Holds Up to Twelve Eggs – 1 Dozen – Strong Sturdy Material Perfect For Storing Extra Eggs – by MT Products (25 Pieces)


  • LARGE CARTONS: These rustic egg cartons are perfecting for storing and securing up to a dozen eggs. Have extra eggs and no place to put them? These cartons can snugly store up to twelve extra large eggs! Stock up on chicken eggs or keep your eggs safe in this perfectly secure container.
  • EXCELLENT MATERIAL: Made of high quality sustainable recycled pulp material and designed to absorb humidity so your eggs stay dry and fresh. The sturdiness and thickness ensures no breakage while transporting or lifting. These cartons are even more durable than the ones used in local stores!
  • REUSABLE: Cartons are sturdy enough that they will hold up to their multiple uses. Firm fit and secure lid allows daily use of opening and closing while still keeping these cartons in perfect condition. You can use it over and over again and it will still be as good as new!
  • MAKE IT PERSONAL: For your convenience, there is plenty of room to stamp your logo, write a brief message, or indicate what type of egg you are selling. Hand these out at the market with your farm’s name for a truly personalized experience.
  • MULTI USAGE: Great idea for Arts and Crafts classroom projects or seed trays. They also store homemade bath bombs perfectly. Hide twelve little surprises in them like prizes, candy, or stickers, tie with a bow, and you can have adorable homemade gift packages to give to a loved one!

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Stock Your Home Split Apart Egg Cartons (15 Pack) – One Dozen Egg Cartons – Splits in Half Dozen Egg Cartons – Holds 180 Total Eggs – Eco-Friendly Egg Containers – 30 Labels for Writing Sell by Date


  • Split Apart Egg Cartons: Our sustainable chicken egg cartons are made from 100% recyclable pulp fiber. Our paper egg cartons are specially designed to split apart into half-sized cartons for your convenience. Our cartons for eggs can fit eggs sized small, medium, large, extra large, and jumbo (approximately 42 – 63g). You can use our cartons to store chicken eggs, duck eggs, organic eggs, cage free eggs, and more!
  • Sturdy and Durable: The clamshell closure on our cartons help to keep your eggs secured. The funnel shaped structures in the middle of our split apart cartons support your eggs, preventing them from breaking and/or cracking. The deep carton cups cradle your eggs so that they don’t move while in transit. Our cartons are also easily stackable, helping you save storage space. Perfect for farmers markets, grocery stores, delis, and more!
  • Multipurpose: Our empty egg cartons are versatile for a number of uses. Utilize our cartons to small tools and automotive parts like screws, nuts, and bolts. Use them to package bathroom accessories like handmade candles and bath- bombs. They’re great for colored eggs or chocolate eggs on Easter. They’re even useful for art & craft projects. Eco-Friendly: Our egg cartons are a great alternative to foam and plastic egg cartons.
  • Our cartons are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. You can use them as an easy seed tray to germinate your seedlings, or you could chop/shred the cartons to create compost for your garden.
  • Great Value Pack: Our value pack comes with 15 one dozen egg cartons – holds 180 eggs total! Each carton can hold eggs sized small to extra large. Includes 30 complimentary labels with room to write the sell by or expiration date. Carton measures approximately 12″ Length x 4″ Width x 3″ Height.

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180x Egg Cartons Bulk,15 Pack Blank Natural Pulp Egg Cartons Holds Up 12 Eggs per Pack(180 eggs in total)Sturdy Cardboard Egg Cartons for Storing Small to XL Eggs,Paper Egg Cartons Included 30 Labels


  • Egg cartons are made of 100% thickened recycled paper material, sturdy and reusable for long time.
  • The sturdiness and thickness of our cardboard egg cartons ensures no breakage while transporting or lifting.
  • Egg cartons bulk is great for both egg or duck eggs, ideal for stocking small to extra large eggs. Blank egg cartons can also be used in DIY crafts.
  • Natural Pulp Egg Cartons Holds Up to 12 Eggs – 1 Dozen. 15 pack hold 180 eggs in total. The clasp on one side ensures paper egg cartons remains closed while transporting or lifting.
  • Package included 15 Pack paper egg cartons, 30 sticked labels for writing a brief message, or what type of eggs you are selling, or any personalized information.

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Blank 12-Egg Flat Top Paper Pulp Carton


  • Strong & thick material to keep your eggs safe and secure. Holds 12 eggs.
  • Blank Carton allows you to customize egg carton with your farm logo or other imagery
  • No Grade/No Size: Perfect for small independent farmers who don’t grade or size their eggs
  • Eco-Friendly: These cartons are made from 100% recycled materials. They are recyclable, biodegradable, and able to be composted!

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Egg Cartons Set – Keep Up To 200 Eggs Fresh And Secure With 12 and 8 Compartment Cartons – Eco-friendly and Reusable Egg Trays With Intact Lids


  • PAPER EGG CARTONS: These are easy-to-use egg cartons with extra storage and security. With its small and separate compartments, you can store more eggs and arrange them neatly. This item will help you to protect your eggs from any damage easily. You can keep more eggs in this stackable chicken egg tray and avoid a mess in your small refrigerator. It saves space, time and is ideal for storing eggs in a safer place.
  • REUSABLE EGG TRAY: A high-quality, sustainable food-grade material is used in this egg tray, so it’s chemical-free. These are designed to absorb humidity, so your eggs stay dry and fresh. Molded pulp of recycled papers and cardboard is used in its formation. It keeps the tray strong and sturdy. The lid is secure and allows daily use of opening or closing and still keeps the tray in a good condition. This eco-friendly egg tray is designed so artsy that it will leave a smile on your face.
  • SAFE TRANSPORTATION: From your chicken coop to your dinner table, these pulp fiber egg cartons make transportation trouble-free. Pulp paper is heavy duty and strong enough to keep the eggs safe from the time they are collected until they are ready to use. You can store all kinds of eggs like brown eggs, chicken eggs, and organic brown quail eggs.
  • EGG CONTAINER INCLUDES:This high-capacity egg carton set has 10 boxes with 8 holes each (2 x 4 rows) and 10 boxes with 12 holes (3 x 4 rows). It means you can keep all the eggs in a neat and handy arrangement. That’s great for increasing productivity in your restaurant or bakery. Also, it’s good to keep your home kitchen well supplied. These simple egg cartons are good to use in any place where you need to put eggs. It also has free labeled stickers inside.
  • SATISFACTON GUARANTEE : You don’t have to feel unsatisfied while purchasing this bulk egg carton because we offer a 30-Day easy money-back guarantee. Be confident and Add To Cart because your purchase is protected! You’ll get 20 lightweight and secure boxes with a capacity of 200 eggs. Free labeled stickers will also come along with the package. Buy the bulk egg cartons from Ufarmey as your kitchen is waiting!

Natural Pulp Egg Cartons 2х6 for Farm Fresh Eggs – Made from Recycled Cardboard – Biodegradable Egg Carton 12 Cell Egg Holders – Blank Egg Cartons Pack Of 15 Pieces – Pulp Egg Containers for Farm, Market


  • High Quality/Stronger than Strong – Our reusable egg cartons for chicken eggs are made of lasting materials and it will serve you as an egg carrier for a long time giving you the best experience in collecting eggs in your chicken coop and bringing them to your kitchen, as well as transporting them to a market or a supermarket.
  • Apply Your Unique Logo! – Our container set of egg carton is sold without pictures so you can realize your any idea or let your children or grandchildren colour it for you. Our egg crate doesn’t contain any dangerous materials or chemicals which makes them safe for children and they can safely play with the egg basket.
  • Multi-usage – Our empty egg cartons make a perfect storage container for many different things, you can store small tools and stationery, sewing accessories, bath bombs, candies and more! The egg tray can also be used in your garden or to store do-it-yourself supplies such as screws and other items.
  • Save our Planet! – Choosing a reusable carton egg holder instead of a plastic egg carton you are making a big input in saving our planet’s health. Egg cartons are perfect chicken gifts for chicken lovers and farmers who always need egg baskets for fresh eggs.
  • Your Best Choice! – Our egg cartons are 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable. They can be disposed of in the composter or food waste bin. Our egg holder is completely natural, dye free, non toxic, BPA free and made without any plastic.

Half Dozen Egg Cartons- Henlay Blank Flat Top Six Pack (100)


  • 100 Half Dozen Chicken Bulk Egg Cartons, Hold 6 Eggs Each
  • Securely Hold Up to XL Size Eggs with Double Front Clasps
  • Extra Study Design Made from 100% Recycled Cardboard. Reusable and Compostable.
  • 3.25” x 5” Blank Top is Perfect for Adding Your Custom Message, Sticker, or Stamp
  • Henlay is Family Owned, Headquartered on Our Small Farm in Central Georgia, USA

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