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Brass Sink Faucet Diverter Valve with Aerator Utility Sink Bathroom Faucet to G1/2 Shower Hose Adapter Bathtub Faucet Connector Filter M22 M24 for Water Diversion Washing Extension-Polished Chrome


  • 1.[Professional Solution to Switch Water Flow between Faucet and Sprayer] Faucet Diverter with Aerator and Male threaded adapter connects to any sink faucet with removable aerator. Female 55/64 inch threaded fit for Male 15/16 inch threaded faucet.
  • 2.[Smoothly Handle Lever Diverter for Both Aerator and Shower Hose] Simple push the lever diverts the water from sink faucet to the attached hose. So you can bidet or clean all sorts of things in the kitchen, bathroom or bathtub.. Lever handle can be operated easily with wet and slippery hands.
  • 3.[Not Universal] Connects to sink with removable aerator. It is not compatible with pull out faucets, pump faucets, bathtub spout or shower pipe. As well, not compatible with garden hose.
  • 4.[Size] Faucet Diverter: 55/64-27 Female; Adapter: 55/64-27 & 15/16-27 Male; Thread (for standard hose): Standard 1/2-Inch IPS, straight thread connection to most of head shower hose.
  • 5.[Made of Premium Durable Chrome Plated Brass] Brass construction is long lasting and reliable ball valve is used for durability and longevity. Chrome finish to withstand daily use.

Hibbent Dual-function Female Faucet Aerator, 1.8 GPM Extra Big Angle Rotate Kitchen Sink Aerator Sprayer Head 360 Degree Swivel Kitchen Sink Sprayer Attachment-55/64 Inch-27UNS Female Thread-Chrome


  • 1.【2 Water Flow Design】 100% anti leakage, rotate the bottom part change soft bubble stream to convert strong spray with 360-Degree Swivel. Water saving 30%~70% (compared with standard bubbler).
  • 2.【Big Angle Rotation】 New design of very big rotation angle makes water can reach every corner of the kitchen sink. Makes it easy for washing and cleaning.
  • 3.【Easy to Install】 Directly installed by hand without tools,done in seconds. If your faucet features female thread, please use the adapter before installation(Adapter included).
  • 4.【Increase the Water Pressure】Prevent water flowed,and the air is mixed with water is good,the water feels soft,enhanced water momentum,cleaning more convenient.
  • 5.【Application】Can be fitted to Kitchen, Sink Faucets, Bathroom Taps and Lavatory Faucets. Hibbent provides 12-month-warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. 100% satisfied customer service.

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Flexible Faucet Sprayer Attachment 360 ° Kitchen Sink Aerator Extender ABS Polished Chrome for Cold Hot Water (Silver)


  • ※ 360° Flexible Full Rotating:The flexible hose of goose neck faucet sprayer turn it or adjustable in whatever direction or angle you want, making it easy to clean oversize supplies in sink or such as big plates or pan etc.
  • ※ Easy Assembly:ABS body of faucet sprayer attachment construction assurance quality and longevity, pull transfer switch diverter valve provides smooth two method spout water,easy to assembly for all faucets with standard 55/64 in female connetor,free male thread 15/16 in to male thread 55/64 inch adaptor,an adjustable scope1/2″ to 1″ to male 55/64″ universal adapter.
  • ※ Polished Chrome:The coating surface of flexible faucet sprayer as a mirror effect to easy clean, increased surface gloss texture, don’t fade, to scratches; Top quality chrome finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing.
  • ※ Cold Hot Water Supply:Smooth operation and convenient down flow. The faucet sprayer attachment provides a pull switch for comb sprayer and columnar spout.
  • ※100% Refund: No risk buy, the faucet sprayer attachment had test for the air / water / leaking pressure during manufacturing . it’s standard that there will be some water remain in the flexible faucet sprayer when you receive it. If have any question, please contact us, we can provide the best service for you.

Kitchen Faucet Diverter Valve with Aerator Utility Sink Bathroom Faucet To G1/2 Hose Adapter Brass Bath Faucet Water Filter Replacement for Switch Water Connector to Bidet Shower Chrome 2016DV


  • Premium Durable Chrome Plated Brass Faucet Diverter with Aerator & Male Threaded Adapter to Connect to Any Sink That Has a Removeable Aerator
  • A simple push of a lever diverts the water from the sink’s faucet to the attached hose that fits standard G1/2 threads.You can bidet and clean all sorts of things in the kitchen/bathroom. Use this diverter, you no need to run out of hot water using a shower head for rinse off compared to cups. Also allows you to prewar the shower rinse in the sink without dumping a bunch of cold water in the tub
  • Sink valve converter is easy to install and functionable,allows you to use the faucet for a warm water bidet setup between faucet and sprayer by adjust the quarter turn lever(can’t shut off the water)
  • Please kindly check the faucet aerator dimension or take measurement of the connected hose before buying. It is a Valve Diverter for kitchen sink faucet(without areator connector) or basin/bath faucet(with connector), M22 x M24 connection sizes.It is faucet valve only,not including the hose/bidet/holder.
  • An included Male Threaded Adapter is part of the package to convert female threads to male threaded faucet connector. With the INTERIOR SOLUTIONS Faucet Diverter w/Aerator & Male Threaded Adapter, you’ll never have to deal with cold water again in those chilly winters.

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Sink Hose Dog Shower Sprayer Attachment, Female Aerator and Hand Spray Faucet Attachment with 90 Inch Shower Hose, Pet Bath Spray, Dog Shower, Hair Washing for Utility Room, Bathroom, Laundry Tub


  • Dog Shower Sprayer Attachment: This handheld dog sprayer is perfect for Adults, Handicapped, Elderly, Injured, Babies, and Pet. Ideal for Hair Washing, Filling Buckets, Washing Dogs, Elderly Care, Rinsing Newborn and More. Connecting to Existing Bathroom or Utility Sink for Easy Faucet Sprayer Solution.
  • 3 Sprayer Settings: Comes with 3-Function Hand Shower Sprayer with High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with ON/Off Pause Switch in hand. Easy installation, simply screw onto shower hose.
  • Faucet Aerator with Adapter: Female faucet aerator with Male adapter(Female to male) and connect to hose of handhold shower. Big angle swivel aerator. Also can be linked to other G1/2 Thread Hose.
  • Handheld Shower Holder: Free holder is available. The toilet tank mounted holder can be separated as the wall-mounted shower holder. Holder fits nearly every hand-held sprayer wand, bidet or shower head.
  • Handheld Shower Holder: Free holder is available. The toilet tank mounted holder can be separated as the wall-mounted shower holder. Holder fits nearly every hand-held sprayer wand, bidet or shower head.

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Niagara Conservation N3115P-FC Dual Spray Swivel 1.5 GPM with Pause Valve Sink Faucet Aerator, Chrome/White


  • Equipped with patented internal pressure compensator to ensure consistent output of water regardless of available water pressure
  • Dual sprays – pull the chrome portion of the aerator up and push down to switch between bubble and needle sprays
  • fits most male and female threaded faucets measuring 15/16 in. –27M or 55/64 in. -27F. Check faucet size prior to purchase.
  • Pause lever on the side of the aerator flips down to slow the flow of water to a small stream or trickle without affecting water temperature as an additional water saving feature to use while washing dishes or soaping up.
  • Contains no unplated brass parts; This is not a leak but intentional and meant for use when you would otherwise having the water running on full blast.

Horiznext faucet aerator for kitchen bathroom sink, tap head sprayer 360 degree swivel filter attachment hose extender no splash water nozzle (1 pc with adapter)


  • Female thread 360-Degree Rotate Swiveling Faucet Sprayer.(we would send you as a gift: an adapter to make the female sprayer can be used as a male thread one.
  • Size:[[[[[[[[Attention]]]]]]]] our products fit 55/64 MALE thread faucets & 15/16 FEMALE thread faucets. Confirm the size of your faucets before buying.
  • 2 Water Flow Design – Soft Bubble Stream(1.8GPM) and Strong Spray(1.8GPM).
  • Water saving 30%~70% (compared with standard bubbler)
  • Simplified design, Easy to install, Polished chrome finish, Fit to Kitchen, Sink Faucets, Bathroom Taps and Lavatory Faucets

BrassCraft Mfg SF0204X Faucet Aerator AERATOR-3/4 FEM Garden Hose THD, Chrome


  • Female thread faucet aerator with 3/4″ female garden hose thread
  • Style: Spotless
  • Flow Rate: 2.0 GPM /8.3 LPM
  • Color/Finish: Chrome
  • Material: No-lead brass
  • New California state legislation prohibits sale of product in this state

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Plumb Shop SF0080 Flexible Faucet Spray Aerator and Sprayer, Fits Most Faucet Spouts Whether Threaded Or Not, Slips Over Spout End


  • Bottom Spray Plate Is Perforated Stainless Steel
  • Non Aerated Spray Or Fullflood Rinsing Action
  • Slips Over Spout End
  • Flexible Faucet Spray
  • Fits Most Faucet Spouts Whether Threaded

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